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Free shipping worldwide | 30-Day free returns !

Free shipping worldwide | 30-Day free returns !!!

Free shipping worldwide | 30-Day free returns !!!!

Free shipping worldwide | 30-Day free returns !!!!!


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Over 72% of dogs suffer from stress and anxiety due to being left alone and not releasing enough energy on a regular basis.  Anxiety in dogs results in destructive behaviors such as excessive barking, depression, indoor urination, and destroying household items.

Now, you no longer have to worry about this problem anymore, presenting the HappyFish Interactive Dog Toy!  The HappyFish features an interactive design that adapts its movements and helps your dog release energy for happiness and well-being.

✅ Stimulates And Engages 

The HappyFish™ doesn't just look like a real fish, it also moves like one. It kicks just like a real fish when touched and stays still when left alone to keep your dog stimulated and engaged for longer.

✅ Relieves Anxiety

The HappyFish™ stimulates your pup's natural hunting instincts and is great for helping your dog to release energy, eliminate boredom, and relieve stress and anxiety.

✅ Attracts & Engages

The HappyFish™ is designed with a pouch that can be used to hold treats that will attract the attention of your dog. So you can make sure your dog is engaged and entertained.

✅ Endless Fun

The HappyFish™ can be recharged with the USB cable that is included.  So you can continue providing your dog with the stimulation and play they need for optimal health and happiness. 

✅ Durable And Safe

The HappyFish™ is made of bite-resistant fibers that are eco-friendly and safe for your dog.  So you can feel confident knowing you are properly caring for your dog.

✅ Cleaning Is A Breeze

Cleaning the HappyFish™ is a breeze. Just remove the electronic score from the pouch and wash the HappyFish™ by hand or in the washing machine (cold/delicate cycle).

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